I offer a unique perspective based on 30 years of experience....

...with the design, implementation, and operation of small retail business marketing programs, creating websites, email campaigns and print catalog design and production. 

With years of direct "hands on" experience working with small businesses and organizations in central Connecticut I understand the challenges and constraints you face when developing and maintaining a relevant and competitive presence in today's internet.

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding a project you have in mind, please use the contact form  and request a Free Website Planning Guide.


I Create A Website You Can Easily Manage

My mission is to create a website and e-marketing tools that you can easily operate and manage to bring your story to your customers and community.

  • No steep learning curve.
  • No additional hardware or software.
  • No ongoing support fees required to update your site.

By using a CMS (content management software) solution I create websites and e-mail applications that allow your staff or volunteers to update and manage the content with nothing more than your browser!   The website software automatically formats and places your information and images in the appropriate places on your site.  The e-mail marketing solutions I provide operate in the same manner.

I Use Responsive Web Design

The way we use computers to get information from the internet has changed dramatically in the past few years. Today there are more and more people using their phones and tablets to browse the web. It is projected by 2017 mobile browsing will be the rule rather than the exception.

In April 2015 GOOGLE announced that a primary factor in it's ranking of website search results is the " mobile friendliness" of the website.
A website designed to work well on mobile and adapt to the wide variety of smart phone and tablets will be ranked higher and displayed sooner in Google search results.

So it is crucial that your website is designed to adapt to every possible device rather than a traditional design solely catered to desktop browsing. This is called responsive web design, and it is what I focus on.

Your Business Or Organization Is Unique

The most fundamental and effective marketing tool for your organization or business is a well designed and developed website. It must reflect the unique nature of your "brick and mortar" presence.

Do not settle for "cookie cutter" straight out of the box solutions. Sites created with DIY software like Squarespace rely on a limited selection of pre-designed themes and limited functionality. Customizing such a site to your needs is often impossible and/or more expensive than having us build your site.

Your web presence must effectively tell your unique story to the world. I offer a full website design and development service which not only includes designing beautiful, engaging, effective and easy-to-use web designs, but also e-mail marketing programs.

Your Content Is King

Once your new website is launched, the key to getting it well recognized and highly listed by Google and other search services is to keep it updated with high quality, relevant and current content.

Your new site gives you the ability to easily add fresh information. Your audience will recognize your site as a valuable resource, linking to it and forwarding your content to their friends. It is through this process that your search engine ranking will rise.

The Process...

The first step is to figure out what your goals and objectives are. Check out websites for organizations similar to yours. What are your competitors offering on their sites? What features and services do you envision for your new site?

Once we've worked out your website goals and objectives I design a web interface tailored around achieving what we initially planned. When the design phase is over and you approve the look and feel of your website I begin developing your interface design into a fully compliant web standards website.

After I develop and launch your new site, training and support is provided to ensure you have full control over your website.

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding a project you have in mind, please use the contact form  and request a Free Website Planning Guide.

I look forward to hearing about your projects soon!

Further Reading: Why I Use Open Source Solutions

  1. Security: Quite often propriety products too are prone to bugs and could give rise to varying degrees of security lapses. Open source bugs are quick to detect,because the more people who can see and test a set of code, the more likely any flaws will be caught and fixed quickly. It's essentially the polar opposite of the use of expensive proprietary products.
  2. Quality: Which is more likely to be better: a software package created by a handful of developers, or a software package created by thousands of developers? Just as there are countless developers and users working to improve the security of open source software, so are there just as many innovating new features and enhancements to those products.
  3. Customization: Along similar lines, users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs. Since the code is open, it's simply a matter of modifying it to add the functionality they want. Don't try that with proprietary software!
  4. Freedom: Users of proprietary website packages such as Squarespace or Weebly are at the mercy of the vendor's vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities and timetable, and that limits what they can do and who they can choose to work with. On the other hand, with open source you are in control to decide what to do with the software and you have a worldwide community of developers and users at your disposal for help.
  5. Flexibility: Unlike proprietary software, open source software, is typically much less resource-intensive, meaning that you can run it well even on older hardware. It's up to you--not some vendor--to decide when it's time to upgrade.

None of this is to say, of course, that your organization should necessarily use open source software for everything. I can provide website solutions that utilize both proprietary and open source products.


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